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Quantum Optics, the union of quantum theory and physical optics, is undergoing a time of revolutionary change as witnessed through the award of 2012 Nobel Prize in Physics to S. Haroche and D. Windland for their seminal contributions to the field. The basic concepts of quantum mechanics such as superposition, complementarity, coherence effects, and entanglement have interesting applications in today’s physics. Implementation of quantum mechanics in the information theory has opened a new vista for multidisciplinary research incorporating the diverse fields like communication theory, computational physics and the quantum optics.

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Recent activities

Theoretical research in
  • Quantum Informatics.
  • Quantum teleportation.
  • Entanglement generation, measurement and its dynamics.
  • Atomic coherence effects: Electromagnetic Induced Transparency, Coherent population trapping, Quantum beat laser.
  • Field quantization effects in metamaterials.
  • Optomechanical systems.
  • Atom interferrometry based on internal as well as external degrees of freedom.
  • Atom optics and atom localization.
  • Four wave mixing.
  • Quantum state engineering.
  • Goose Hanchen shift.