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  • To establish a world class Institute for multidisciplinary research (basic and applied) in emerging areas of lasers, photonics and related disciplines in Pakistan.
  • To assist universities for sustainable research in design, fabrication and application of lasers and optronics through very close collaboration.
  • To design and fabricate a wide range of laser systems from ultraviolet (UV) to Infrared (IR), and from femtosecond pulses to continuous wave (CW), and to apply them to the problems in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Agriculture and Industry.
  • Encourage industry linkages through joint ventures and transfer-of-technology.
  • Design and produce specialized equipment for medical and other industrial applications using lasers and explore export markets.
  • Specialized courses in Lasers, Optronics and Optical Engineering will be organized at NILOP. It is planned to provide hands-on training of 2-3 months duration to University faculty and supporting staff.
  • Design and upgrade curricula and teaching kits for the BS/MS streams in consultation with academia, to strengthen teaching in this important area.
  • Production of specialized equipment for applications in medical, industrial, and communication areas, as well as research will also be taken.