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Sensors Group is working in the areas of optical sensors using bulk optical components and interferometry, optical fiber sensors, fiber Bragg grating (FBG) fabrication and its applications. FBGs based sensors have huge potential worldwide in optical sensor and communication industry. These sensor systems are light weight, robust, versatile, competitive in cost, and immune to electromagnetic interference. Some of the application areas of the FBG sensors are fatigue, vibration, sound & ultrasound, creep, temperature, pressure detection, structural health monitoring and many others.


  • Bragg Star Industrial Laser.
  • HeNe Lasers.
  • Optical Fiber Testing and Measurement.
  • Photosensitive Fiber.
  • Phase Masks.

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Recent activities

  • Fabrication of FBGs using Phase Masks.
  • Interferometer for recording of FBGs.
  • Optical Fiber Sensors Fringe Detector Modules and Detection Algorithms.
  • Corner Cube Reflector properties.
  • Carousel Interferometers.