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Design and Simulation Group

We employ a combination of computational approaches in quantum mechanics, solid state and atomic physics biotechnology and statistical mechanics etc., to study the material structure physical and chemical properties ranging from atomic structure calculations to performance and analysis of optical and semiconductor devices. On the fundamental side, the group objective is to develop the expertise in

  • Electronic Structural Properties of atoms, molecules, clusters, nano-particles, Ions and ordered lattices of semiconductors, disordered materials, photonic band gap structures, electron transport, bioinformatics structural biology etc.
  • Device and Materials Modeling for various applications including Laser Diode, infrared (IR) sensing of photons and imaging.

Recent activities

Capabilities and Studies:
  • First-principles methods to solving the Schrödinger equation as applied to atoms, molecules, cluster, nanoparticles, and ordered lattice
  • Empirical pseudopotential-based tight-binding methods to study absorption, transport, and lifetimes
  • First-principles methods to solving Maxwell equations to study light modulation and propagation
  • Solutions to Boltzmann, drift, continuity and rate equations as appropriate to study charge, spin, and light transport through media
  • Molecules and clusters
  • Semiconductor elements, compounds, and alloys
  • Graphene and Biomaterials
  • Metal and dielectric nanoparticles
  • Metal and all-dielectric
  • Laser Diode Technology
  • Thin Film Technology
  • Epitaxial Growth
  • Biotechnology
  • Infrared sensing
  • Gas and Magnetic sensing
  • Optical modulation and switching