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One of the objectives of NILOP is to develop laser based products for different sectors of life like Industry, Medical and Agricultural purposes. Apart from producing lasers which are being used at NILOP. The group has indigenously developed Agro Laser land leveler for better utilization of irrigation water and Laser Therapy System, a module for photodynamic therapy in medical sector for the cure of skin cancer. NILOP has produced and sold 1000 Agro Laser Land Leveler. Several Laser Therapy System are being donated to various cancer hospitals for the treatments of skin cancer.

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Recent activities

  1. Design and development of “Agro Laser Land Leveler”
    • 1000 units delivered
  2. Design and development of prototype auto leveler transmitter for Agro Laser Land Leveler.
    • 10 units under development
  3. Design and development of “Laser Therapy System” for Photodynamic therapy (PDT) of skin cancer.
    • 2 systems delivered to local cancer hospitals
    • 7 units under production
  4. Development of Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) system.
    • One unit delivered to a local general hospital
  5. Design and development of optical diagnostic system for dengue viral infection.
    • Under testing