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Laser Matter Interaction Group Group

Study of the fundamentals of laser/ion matter interaction is the objective of this group. Special emphasis is on the generation of multiply charged metal ions, laser induced plasma, production and characterization of secondary ion and X-rays etc.


  • Nd-YAG laser.
  • Duoplasmatron ion source.
  • Vacuum systems.
  • HV power supplies.
  • Current and voltage monitors.
  • Permanent magnets.
  • Electrical and mechanical feed-throughs.

Recent activities

  • Laser matter interaction studies.
    • Laser generated plasma research.
    • Laser induced metal ion generation and characterization.
    • Study of laser wavelength effects on the properties of highly charged metal (Al, Cu, Ag, W) ions produced by nanosecond pulsed laser.
    • Effects of axial and radial magnetic fields on the charge state and energy of ions produced by nanosecond pulsed laser.
    • Estimation of transient electric field inside the nanosecond laser produced metal plasmas.
    • Investigation on the temporal behavior of plasma parameters (electron temperature and electron density) and ion charge loss in expanding laser produced plasmas.
  • Ion Solid Interaction Studies.
    • Design and development of ion source.
    • Study of ion induced secondary electron yield measurements.
    • Study of angular distribution of secondary ions.
    • Study of ion induced photon emission.