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Digital Signal Processing Group

Digital Signal Processing (DSP) is one of the core technologies in computational intensive applications, ranging from data communications, speech, audio or biomedical signal processing, to instrumentation and robotics. DSP has become a mature technology and has replaced analog signal processing systems in many applications.


  • Digital Oscilloscopes.
  • Arbitrary Function Generators.
  • DAQ Systems.
  • Logic Analyzer and Data Logger.
  • JTAG Boundary Scan & in-System Programmer.
  • USB Protocol Analyzer.
  • FPGA Kits.
  • SMD Soldering and PCB Etching Facility.
  • Software for Electronics circuit Design and Simulation.

Recent activities

  • Software Defined Radio.
  • Phase Sensitive Detectors.
  • Phased Locked Loops.
  • Feed Back Control System.