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Laser spectroscopy of atomic and molecular systems provides basic information leading to the development of quantum mechanics and to the understanding of atomic structure. The results of atomic and molecular spectroscopy are of great importance in Astrophysics, Remote sensing, Plasma and Laser Physics.


  • Nd-YAG Lasers with 2nd, 3rd, and 4th harmonic generation.
  • Dye laser system in Littrow and Litman Configurations.
  • 200-1100nm CCD Spectrometer.
  • High temperature atomic beam apparatus that can be operated up to 2300C.
  • Thermionic diode ion detector.

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Recent activities

  • Multi-photon and multi-step excitation studies to investigate the Rydberg states of different metals.
  • Photo-ionization cross-section measurement of the excited states of Sodium and Lithium.
  • Determination of oscillator strengths of the Rydberg transitions.
  • Mass spectrometry.